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2012-2013 Benefi ts Annual Enrollment period: June 1 -June 15, 2012 New for 2012-2013 — Tobacco Surcharge To support the health and wellness of our Medical House Staff by discouraging the use of tobacco products, Emory University will implement a $50 per person monthly tobacco use surcharge on medical contributions for employees and their Spouses/Same Sex Domestic Partners (SSDPs) who use tobacco products. During the Benefi ts Annual Enrollment period, all Medical House Staff covered under Emory’s medical plan will have to certify annually whether or not they and their Spouse/SSDP use tobacco. Please be aware that if the online certifi cation is not completed, the surcharge will be automatically applied for both you and your covered Spouse/SSDP effective July 1, 2012 and remain in place for the 2012-2013 plan year. Reminder: Spouse/SSDP Medical Charge An additional $50 per month medical charge will be added to an employee’s medical plan contribution if their covered Spouse/SSDP has access to group health insurance coverage through their employer. Each year employees will need to complete the Spouse/SSDP certifi cation to avoid the charge being applied automatically. This guide is meant to provide basic benefi t plan information. For additional details and specifi c information, please contact the carrier or review the Summary Plan Description (SPD) for each plan. SPDs are available on the Emory Human Resources web site at www.hr.emory.edu/benefi ts or by contacting the benefi ts department at 404-727-7613 for a printed version.

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